June Goals Update

Priority 1: My Heart Focus Area: Relationships

  • monthly date with David yes! We finally made time for a date at Cheddars for lunch early in the month 🙂
  • Individual dates with kids – 2 per child, per parent for the year Adriana had a dinner date with mom & dad!

Lucy- date with daddy (March)
Taylor – lunch date with Mom (May)
Lila- date with Daddy (May)
Adriana- dinner date w/mom & dad

  • fellowship with friends yep!
  • daily devotionals/quiet time  13 of 30 days; I have no excuses.
  • join a women’s small group

Focus Area: Personal Growth

  1. Boundaries

Priority 2: Our Home Focus Area: Maintain Order

  • continue home organizational progress cleaned & organized the ‘junk’ drawer, reordered my papers, started massive filing cabinet project
  • monthly management of photos (upload to host site) June photos loaded 🙂
  • keep chore schedule recently revamped schedule of rotating zones every week is working well
  • eliminate debt outside of home mortgage plugging away at my surgery bill, paying a bit extra as I can. 

Focus Area: Pursue Improvements

  • Morning room renovation Thrilled with new arrangement we stumbled upon after Taylor’s grad party. We moved our ginormous dining room table into our morning room and moved the craft table into the smaller kitchen space. I’m in love with the switch! The room has total definition now.
  • Avery & Livie’s room update to ‘tween’ room (new paint & decor)
  • Jude’s bedroom (decide which room, and decorate)
  • possible new flooring downstairs/ J&L&L bedroom

Focus Area: DIY Projects

  • Monthly Pinterest inspired craft/project does trying a workout I found on Pinterest count? Because it made my calves burn! 
  • Try 2 new recipes a month
  1. homemade salsa -SO good!
  2. southwestern chopped salad
  3. spanish rice good, more than a little mild in flavor (I’ll add green chiles next time)
  4. cool ranch crockpot chicken eh, nothing to remember, I won’t make it again
  5. rice milk ice cream
  6. cake batter waffles (mix cake per directions and throw in waffle maker–FUN!)
  7. thin mint protein fudge I subbed oat flour for the coconut flour, this was good! Totally reminiscent of Thin Mint cookies, but over the top minty, so if I make it again, I’ll dial down the mint extract.
  8. blackened chicken and cilantro lime quinoa I am in love with the flavor of this meal! My new fav way to eat quinoa too. I liked the spice rub on the chicken so much, I made a big batch to keep w/my spices.
  9. strawberry rice mik ice cream phenomenal
  10. single serve brownie yummy, but definitely more cake like than brownie; hasn’t stopped me from making it 4x already, lol
  11. smokey mesquite BBQ meatball sliders worth every calorie (I’ve been dreaming of this recipe since I pinned it; really not bad nutrition wise). Ah-mazing!
  • 2013 family photo, nontraditional

Priority 3: Health Focus Area: 20% weight loss – 33.5 lbs down total; a mere 6.5 lbs down this month. No lie those were the hardest six pounds I’ve ever lost. Oh my gosh! Interestingly, I plateaued at the weight my body seems to like best (my starting weight for both Lucy & Jude’s pregnancies) as an adult.  Unfortunately, my health doesn’t like it as much; I conquered my mission to bust on through 😉 I researched the daylights out of weight loss plateaus! Finally, what worked was calorie cycling – UPPING my calories by about 300 for a several days (as you can see in my food journal notes below), then back down to <1500. Finally surpassed my pre-Jude weight! Thisclose to 20%; I expect to hit it in July.

  • use an online support network for accountability & inspiration
  • research alternative diets  I was floored by something called the Up Down Diet in my plateau research. 
  • keep a food journal – 29 out of 30 days (w/11 days “over” target calorie range; full disclosure, ONE binge day included aka graduation party)

Focus Area: Exercise

  • develop a fitness routine kept with 7 days a week, 30+ minutes a day (27 of 30 days); added strength training
  • record exercise continuing with Spark People and RunKeeper
  • weekly exercise with family member(s) did more solo workouts this month, but a walk or two with David and treadmill workouts with the girls talking to me
  • read articles/subscribe to magazine for inspiration-purchased Shape (horrid, never again) and Self (good recipes, workouts and research info)

Focus Area: Body Maintenance

  • dental exam
  • physical 4.03.13; follow up schedule for 7.5
  • eye exam & regularly change out contacts 5.14.13
  • gyn exam
  • pursue alternative methods/cures for insomnia

Focus Area: Jude’s diagnosis & care

  • continue to pursue options for Jude’s healthcare (dietary management, allergy relief, etc) Very much so, finally have a plan! OT feeding evaluation set for the first week of July, as well at neurologist visit. Plan is to double hit with feeding therapy– OT and ST an hour each, once a week. GI ordered liver function tests (came back excellent!!) and an abdominal ultrasound (set for July 2nd).
  • stay on top of current research/ideas involving EoE
  • find an outlet for stress caused by diagnosis & care (online support, caringbridge, etc)

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